Mock Activiti TaskService, TaskQuery, NativeTaskQuery in Junit

In this tutorial we will how to mock Activiti TaskService, TaskQuery, NativeTaskQuery in Junit test class. Suppose you have Spring service class where you are doing some business flow for your application. So you are using activiti’s TaskService to create list of activiti Tasks using the method createNativeTaskQuery(). You may need to create also TaskQuery […]

Spring Boot Activiti – Process Engine Configuration

We have seen in our previous tutorial Spring boot activiti example how Business Process Management works using Activiti framework. In my previous tutorial I have used the default behavior of the process engine. In this tutorial I will show you how you can bootstrap the process engine using Spring JavaConfig to create our own spring boot activity […]

Spring Boot Activiti Example

Introduction This example shows the simplicity of embedding Business Process Management (BPM) into our application using Activiti. We will build a spring boot application that embeds standards-based Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) logic into our application. Activiti has advanced process design tools for embedding more sophisticated BPM logic into our application. These tools include an […]

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