Spring Boot WebSocket AngularJS Gradle Example


WebSocket is a very thin, lightweight layer above TCP used to build interactive web applications that send messages back and forth between a browser and the server.

The best examples are live updates websites, where once user access the website neither user nor browser sends request to the server to get the latest updates. Server only keeps sending the messages to the browser.

For more information on WebSocket please read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebSocket

In this example, I am building a WebSocket application with Spring Boot using STOMP Messaging to provide automatic updates on the greeting message depending on the time of the day for every 3 secs. Continue reading “Spring Boot WebSocket AngularJS Gradle Example”

Spring MVC + AngularJS CRUD Example

In this tutorial we will see the integration of AngularJS with Spring MVC. We are going to create CRUD application using Spring REST API on server side and AngularJS is encapsulated within JSP file on client side. Thus the client will communicate with server asynchronously using AngularJS $http service.

If you need PHP version http://www.roytuts.com/angularjs-php-rest-crud-example/

If you need Codeigniter version http://www.roytuts.com/angularjs-codeigniter-rest-crud-example/

Eclipse Neon
Maven 3.3.9
Java 1.8
Spring 4.3.8.RELEASE
Jackson 2.5.3
AngularJS 1.6.4

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