Download file using Angular and Spring Boot

Introduction In this post we will see how to download file using Angular and Spring Boot. There are situations where you need to download file from server or you need to generate report from database and download it. This example may help you in that situation. Here we will fetch records from database and download […]

Exception Handling in Spring Web Application

Introduction This post will show you an example on exception handling in Spring web application. In other words, we can also say exception handling in Spring MVC. We will use handle exception on Spring REST APIs but not limited to Spring REST APIs. You can create Spring MVC application and handle the exception same way. […]

HATEOAS driven REST API using Spring Boot

Introduction In this post we will see an example on HATEOAS driven REST API using Spring Boot. An approach that breaks down the principal elements of a REST approach into three steps are resources, http verbs and hypermedia controls: Without using any mechanism of the web, HTTP is used as a transport system for remote […]

Convert Milliseconds into Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds in Java

Introduction This example shows you how to convert milliseconds into years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds in Java. Sometimes we need to convert the milliseconds into years or months or weeks or days or hours or minutes or seconds. For example, when you want to check the exact time taken by a program to […]

Spring Boot Security Example – Single Sign On using OAuth 2

Introduction Here we will see Spring Boot Security Example – Single Sign On using OAuth 2. Single Sign On or simply SSO is a property of access control of multiple related, yet independent, software systems, where a user logs in with a single set of credentials (username and password) to gain access. Here we will […]

How to Create Annotation based Spring Application

Introduction We will see how to create annotation based Spring application. We will use here H2 database to perform database activities using Spring JDBC Template. We will not use any XML configuration here or zero XML configuration. We will also see how to run this stand-alone Spring application using main method. This application is totally […]

Integrate H2 In-memory Database with Spring

Introduction This tutorial will show you how to integrate in-memory H2 database with Spring. We will see here simple example to understand how it works. Here we will use Spring JDBC API to perform database activities. You can use this example with Spring based applications, such as, Spring Core, Spring MVC etc. You may also […]

Spring Boot Actuator – Securing HTTP Endpoints

Introduction Here we will see example on securing HTTP endpoints in Spring Boot application. Like other sensitive URLs, you should take care to secure HTTP endpoints. If Spring Security is present, endpoints are secured by default using Spring Security’s content-negotiation strategy. If you wish to configure custom security for HTTP endpoints, for example, only allow […]

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