Dump CSV data into MySQL Database using Mule ESB

This tutorial will show you how to use Mule JDBC Transport to dump CSV data into MySQL database in Mule based application. You may also review Mule JDBC Insert Example

Connectors provide an abstraction layer over data transport mechanisms. Connectors exist for things such as files, email messages, databases, JMS, and even Jabber messages. A connector saves you the tedium of having to implement the details of a particular communication mechanism yourself. This allows you to focus on solving your integration problem and not on the plumbing of a particular communications protocol.

The JDBC Transport lets you send and receive messages with a database using the JDBC protocol. Common usage includes retrieving, inserting, updating, and deleting database records, as well as invoking stored procedures, such as, to create new tables dynamically.

In our example, we’d require a File connector and a Database connector. The File connector would provide the payload or content which needs to be inserted into database. The Database connector would provide the capacity to insert the data or payload to the target database. Continue reading “Dump CSV data into MySQL Database using Mule ESB”