LinkedHashMap in Java

What is LinkedHashMap A LinkedHashMap like HashMap is a simple yet powerful way to store and get data. Unlike HashMap, LinkedHashMap is based on HashTable and Linked list implementation of the Map interface and stores items as key/value pairs. Like HashMap, LinkedHashMap permits only unique keys. It also permits only one null key (whereas HashTable […]

ConcurrentHashMap in Java

Though we have thread-safe collections classes like HashTable, Synchronized Map, which can be used in multi-threaded environment but there are significant differences between them, which arise from the fact that how they achieve their thread-safety. All methods of Hashtable are synchronized which make them quite slow due to the number of thread increases. Synchronized Map […]

Java forEach example using Lambda Expression

This tutorial will show you how to use Java 8 forEach loop to iterate Collection using Lambda Expression. Prior to Java 8 or JDK 8 we used to use the for loop though it was for-each style but in Java 8 the inclusion of forEach loop simplifies the iteration process in mainly one line. Let’s […]

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