SOAP Fault handling using Exception in JAX-WS webservice

This tutorial will show you how we can generate SOAP fault error code and message using Exception handling in SOAP based JAX-WS webservice. For this tutorial we will create a standalone project in Eclipse. If you already have an idea on how to create a maven project in Eclipse will be great otherwise I will […]

Send Any File using SOAP Webservice

Introduction This tutorial shows how we can send file using SOAP based webservice. The type of the file can be anything, i.e., text, image, pdf, MS doc etc. For this type of application we need to create two applications – one will work as a client application(which sends a file) and other one will work […]

Consume jax-ws webservice using wsdl in Mule Project

This tutorial shows how we can consume service when we are given a wsdl file. We have seen how to create webservice and consume webservice in Mule Project but earlier we have not consume webservice from wsdl file rather we had created new mule flow for consuming webservice. Please go through the tutorial create jax-ws […]

Authentication example in JAX-WS webservice

Before going through this tutorial please make sure that you have the following jars in classpath. You can create simple Java project or Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse. I will create Java Project here. If you create Dynamic Web Project then you can directly deploy the service to the server and in this case you […]

SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Before reading this tutorial please go through the tutorial using SSL with jax-ws webservice Download the InstallCert.java from  http://blogs.sun.com/andreas/resource/InstallCert.java Install the InstallCert.java 1. Compile the class using “javac InstallCert.java” in command prompt 2. Execute the command “java InstallCert localhost:8443” in command prompt After installation, now you will get following output in command prompt

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