Lambda Expression

Collect and Convert Objects using Lambda Expression in Java 8

Introduction In this tutorial, I will show you how you are going to collect and convert objects using lambda expression in Java 8 stream API. We will collect objects and map to another custom objects using Java 8 stream API with the help of Lambda Expression. Suppose you have entity classes generated from your database […]

Java 8 Stream API

This tutorial will explain about Java’s new API called stream, which is introduced in Java 8 and included in package The stream API supports functional-style operations on collection of elements or stream of elements in a collection. For example, you only want to print even numbers from a list of numbers, then you can […]

Java forEach example using Lambda Expression

This tutorial will show you how to use Java 8 forEach loop to iterate Collection using Lambda Expression. Prior to Java 8 or JDK 8 we used to use the for loop though it was for-each style but in Java 8 the inclusion of forEach loop simplifies the iteration process in mainly one line. Let’s […]

Java Lambda Expressions

When implementation of anonymous class is very simple, for example, an interface contains only one method, then the syntax of anonymous classes may seem unclear. In these situations the functionality is passed as an argument to another method to perform an action, for example, when someone clicks a button. Lambda expressions enable to treat functionality […]

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