How to configure mod_jk with Apache http and Tomcat servers

Introduction We will see here how to configure mod_jk with Apache http and Tomcat servers. The Apache Tomcat connector allows to use the Apache httpd server as a front-end for Apache Tomcat applications. To run Tomcat and Apache together, Apache needs to load a “adapter” module, which uses a certain protocol, such as Apache JServ […]

Use Jetty instead of Tomcat in Spring Boot application

Introduction Spring Boot web starter uses Tomcat as the default embedded servlet container or Tomcat is the default embedded server. In this example we will see how to use Jetty instead of Tomcat in Spring Boot application. Configurations Generally we need to exclude the Tomcat server and use the Jetty starter in the dependency either […]

Tomcat load balancing with Apache using mod proxy

This tutorial will show you how to configure Tomcat Load Balancing with Apache webserver (http server) using Mod Proxy. I have listed here the following steps on how to configure Apache with Tomcat to configure Load Balancer using Mod Proxy. Having load-balanced is always recommended in production environment for better availability. Load balancing improves responsiveness […]

Immediate attribute example in JSF

This tutorial will show you what is the purpose of using immeditae attribute in JSF. Although the request processing lifecycle processes the different phases in a consistent manner, the execution order of the phases can be altered for special cases. For example, you may want to add a Cancel button to a form. When clicked, […]

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